Ellepot and Urbinatie paperpot machines?

Paper pots are for a lot of people the backbone of the horticulture industry. Rooting system allows for ease of use and are relatively easy to produce. Ellepot and Urbinatie paperpot machines? In order to make paper pots you’ll need a paperpot machine. We at Hortimec have the best options currently available when it comes to paperpot machines. Do you want to start producing paperpots, or are you looking for a way to increase your current production capacity in a efficient way? Then we have the solutions you are looking for.

Why do we choose these brands?

Paperpots come in different sizes and qualities. We exclusively offer both Urbinati paperpot machines and Ellepot paperpot machines. Currently these two companies offer the best quality when it comes to paper pots, albeit in different ways.

Urbinati offers industrial and high grade machinery that is able to process a lot of material each hour. In sheer volume there are not a lot of paperpot machines that can match Urbinati.

On the other side of the spectrum you’ll find Ellepot. In terms of speed it does not do under for Urbinati, but it’s true specialty lies within its continuous process and efficient design. It can produce different sizes of paper pots, depending on the machine. You simply provide it the base materials and it will automatically produce the desired paper pots.

No matter which of these two brands you choose, their paperpot machines are by all means industry leading and highly efficient.

Who are we?

We are Hortimec, a dutch based horticulture company. Founded in 2006 but with over 20 years of experience in the industry and literally on the field we have one goal: Offer the best horticulture products available. It should come as no surprise that we are the official dealer and distributor of Ellepot and Urbinati, the two leading companies in the industry.

Why choose a Trayfiller from Hortimec?

Hortimec knows that machinery should integrated fluently within a production process, but should also be able to serve at the core of a new line. As such we have build up a lot of experience over time with the usage of our offered paperpot machines. We also believe that service goes further than just offering the best products. That is why we have a network of trained specialists who can handle both Urbinati and Ellepot systems with ease. Should anything happen with your machines you can contact them and they’ll get you rolling again in the shortest amount of time possible. All these features set Hortimec, Ellepot and Urbinati aside from the rest and will enable you to reach never before heights.