Why Choose A Trayfiller From Ellepot Or Urbinati?

Within the horticulture industry there are a few quintessential machines a company cannot do without. One of these machines is a trayfiller. That is why we at Hortimec believe this machine to be the backbone of the entire process. If the trays are not filled correct, the entire process will be off. In order to provide the best machinery possible we are the official dealer of Ellepot and Urbinati, who both offer amazing trayfiller solutions.

Why do we choose these brands?

There are a lot of different ways to handle the trayfilling process. Whatever way you choose, the trayfiller itself should be optimized for the entire production chain. We offer both Ellepot and Urbinati because they operate highly efficient on different sides of the spectrum. We can safely say that Urbinati has perfected the art of traditional trayfilling with their fully optimized trayfiller. Its design enables you to fill up to 1800 trays per hour.

On the other hand there is Ellepot. With their unique and patented Ellepot system, trays can be filled at a rapid speed with Ellepots. These pods are a lot better in almost every way compared to the normal trayfilling system.

No matter what method or trayfiller you choose, we at Hortimec would love to help you out.

Who are we?

Easy, we are Hortimec. We are one of the leading horticulture companies of the Netherlands with over 20 years of experience in the field. The power of Hortimec lies in the duality of our expertise. As the official dealer of Ellepot and Urbinati for many years we have a huge understanding of the machines and the possibilities they hold. We also hold a vast knowledge of the application of these machines in a existing or new production line and can pinpoint any possible problems and opportunities. This enables us to help our clients achieve the highest production power and revenue.

Why choose a Trayfiller from Hortimec?

As said, we have a lot of experience with our offered products as we are the official dealer of both of these brands. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at all the companies we have helped and their giant growth over the last few years.  Not only do we believe that we offer the best types of trayfiller currently available, we also believe we offer the best service. We have a network of technicians who are specifically trained in the use of machinery from Urbinati and Ellepot. So if ever a problem pops up, we can get you working again in the shortest amount of time possible.