What is Urbinati?

Everyone active in the horticulture industry knows how important it is to have access to the right tools and machinery. The most important change in the horticulture industry in the last few years is the rapid advancement in smart and automatic machinery that can produce at a higher efficiency. With the ever increasing demand for high quality foods and the continuous search for optimal production processes, the machines produced by Urbinati are in high demand. In order to stay ahead of the competition and assure the longevity of the machines, Urbinati is ever striving forward with R&D and flexible machinery.

What makes Urbinati so special?

Not only does Urbinati offer a variety of different machines, almost every type of machine comes in different sizes. So no matter how small or big your production process is, there is always an Urbinati machine that fits your specific needs.

It’s not a surprise that Urbinati is the industry leader when it comes to many of these machines. It doesn’t matter if you have an existing production line or are starting fresh. There is always an machine that fits your needs.

Who are we?

We are Hortimec, one of the leading and renowned horticulture experts based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2006 and experience in the industry dating back almost 20 years Hortimec has gained ground add an unprecedented speed. We are the official dealer of Urbinati in the Netherlands and Germany. This way we provide our clients with the best machinery available.
We truly believe that Urbinati is able to make a company or a production process from okay to great.

Which Urbinati Machines do we offer?

Urbinati offers a wide variety of products for the horticulture industry. From the first stages of your production process to the last, ohas a solution for you. We’ve briefly summed up the different machines offered:

Seeding machines, Filling machines, Transplanting machines, Labeling machines, Denesting machines, Handling machines, Dibbling machines, Depopping machines, Trimming machines, Washing machines, Irrigation machines, and Germination machines

Why choose us?

Over the years Hortimec has helped a lot of international companies achieve a higher rendement of production whilst also making the whole process as ecological as possible. We know that a continuous production without any hiccups is essential in the current industry. As such we offer specially trained mechanics who can help you get everything running again in the shortest amount of time. Please contact us for more information.