What is Ellepot?

If you are active within the horticulture industry you have without a doubt heard of Ellepot, one of the leading companies when it comes to plant propagation systems and everything that has to do with plant propagation. Ellepot knows that we live in an ever changing world where climate change, depletion of natural resources and an ever increasing demand for quality crops are a few of the big topics.
With over 20 years of experience making these devices and a stellar track record when it comes to quality you can depend on Ellepot for all your plant propagation needs.

What makes Ellepot so special?

Ellepot is most famous for their technology of the same name. These Ellepots are special paperpots that stimulated the rooting and growth of plants. Through their special structure the entirety of a root system gets access to everything it needs in order to grow, fast, healthy, uniform and sustainable. The benefits of Ellepots are:

  • A healthier and faster root development
  • Improved crop timing Improved uniformity of plants
  • No plastic to collect afterwards or to get rid of.
  • No issues with transplant shock Flexible mechanical transplanting of young plants

Who are we?

We are Hortimec, the Dutch specialist when it comes to the young plant industry. In order to deliver the best products for the highest yields and efficiency we have teamed up with Ellepot and now represent in many countries. We truly believe that Ellepot has the technology to change the current horticulture industry and take it into the new green generation. Their products can be integrated in almost any production line, but can also serve at the core of a well-oiled production process. Want to know more about Ellepot, and what Hortimec can mean for you? Feel free to contact us for more information.

Which Ellepot Machines do we offer?

In order to provide the perfect machinery for your specific needs, Ellepot has divided their machines in 3 different types: Semi automatic machines, Automatic machines, and Fully automatic machines.
No matter your capacity or current production process, there is a Ellepot machine that suits your horticulture needs.

Why choose us?

Over the years Hortimec has helped a lot of international companies achieve a higher rendement of production whilst also making the whole process as ecological as possible. We know that a continuous production without any hiccups is essential in the current industry. As such we offer specially trained mechanics who can help you get everything running again in the shortest amount of time.