Hortimec supplies used machines for horticulture, such as used Ellepot paperpot machines, demo Urbinati  seeders and  demo Urbinati flatfillers.
A good choice of relevant machines is in stock, because we need to have short delivery times.

New vertical Urbinati tray washing machine. Heating, chemical desinfection or desinfection with 12 40 Watt UVC-lamps are options.The washing capacity is max. 650 trays per hour.
The basis price is € 13.950,00, incl. 12 months warranty.

New Vertical Urbinati bale-scraper. This compact machine is very robust and safe. It takes little space 1.500 x 1.800 mm. It works with closed doors.The processing of the big-bales is dust-free. Due to the absence of a mill, this bale- scraper saves the structure of your delicate substrates. The chains are separated from the substrate and require therefore very little or no maintenance.
Price: € 11.950,00, incl. 12 months warranty.

New compact potting machine, incl. pot destacker, pot inserter and conveyor belt of 2.600 mm for pots of 8 to 25 cm. The speed is 2.400 pots per hour with double inserer option and 4.800 pots per hour and adjustable drill unit, incl. set of 4 drills.
Price: € 9.700,00, incl. 12 months warranty.

New Urbinati row seeding machine suitable for any tray. Suitable for all types of seeds. Speed: 150 trays per hour. Works on air only. No electricity is needed.
Price: € 2.950,00, incl. 12 months warranty.

Used fully automated Ellepot paper pot production line. The line has been fully revised by Ellepot in 2017, the functionality is 100% and has been in operation until October 2017. The year of construction is 1997. The production capacity is 8.000 pots of ø48 mm per hour. The machine is adapted for Modiform tray # 1950 and Bachmann # 65481. The machine is including heavy Busch Cat. 50 vacuum installation and Demtec 560 liter bunker. The machine works with all substrates, including heavy coco substrates.
Tray types: Modiform #1950 of Bachmann 65481.
Price total line: € 24.500,00.

New Urbinati trayfiller RE14. This trayfiller is suitable for seeding and transplanting trays. The capacity is 600 trays per hour. It is including control panel, substrate level sensors and a tray cleaning brush.
Price: € 8.900,00, incl. 12 months warranty.

Used Ellepot paperpot machine, type T-H201, construction year 1999, pot diameter ø60, production capacity 5.000 jumbo paperpots per hour. This machine is completely revised and the function is 100%. The machine is including a heavy duty vacuum system with Busch Cat. 50 pump and 300 liter vacuum tank for heavy coco substrates.
Price: € 13.500,00, incl. 6 months warranty.

New compact substrate elevator with 450 liter tank. Elevator height is 1.90 meters. The substrate elevator is including control panel and level sensor.
Price: € 6.950,00, incl. 12 months warranty.

Used Heto paperpot machine,construction year 2006, pot diameter ø0, production capacity 5.000 paperpots per hour. This is a working with 100% functionality.
Price: € 5.000,00.

Two used Urbinati mobile irrigation booms, type IRMO3 with double rail for Tulip bulbs in crates. The length is 40 meters and the width is 12.80 meters
Price: to be agreed.

Used double 80 m3 substrate bunker, including 60 meters of substrate belt. The bunkers included a plc and automatic soil elevators, type Flier.
Price: to be agreed on site.