Plant propagation is challenged in many ways. Energy costs are rising and growing methods need to be changed in order to reduce the enviromental impact, such as emission of carbon and nitrogen. Chemicals for phyto-sanitary treatment are no longer accepted and plant health needs to be secured in different ways. A growing world population is demanding an increase in the production of fruit & vegetables. At the same time fertile land and clean water becomes more scarce.


Growing in plugs is essential to reduce the growing space and production time. The best way to make growing plugs is the production of cellulose paper pots, such as Ellepot or Urbinati superseedling plugs.

Plant propagation space can be reduced by up to 50% shortening the young plant growing stage and by eliminating the natural outfall of young plants. Young plants can be sorted with automatic sorters and automatic transplanters, eliminating weak or slow growing plants. This way we can propagate much more efficiently. Growing young plants under artificial light can reduce the space used in conventional greenhouses by up to 70%.

We create healthy growing circumstances, such as the right air humidity, the right temperatures and the right growing media in combination with the use of natural plant treatment methods.


Shortening of plant growing stages


Reduction of growing space


Elimination of chemicals


Young cabbage plants are treated daily with a short dose of UVC-light (Cleanlight) to prevent and treat fungi. In the movie you will see cabbage varieties, which are treated with UVC-light, which is mounted on a moving Urbinati irrigation boom. Fungi and bacteria are effectively treated and no chemical treatment is required in this 100% bio-greenhouse. The plants develop a protective layer of wax on the leaves and become more resistant to pathogens. Growing under glass or plastic the young plants are UV-deficient and the light treatment also helps to compensate this spectrum deficiency. Many other plants can be treated with UVC-light to ensure 100% food safety.

The Results are Amazing

  • Food Safety 100% 100%

The Results are Amazing

  • Elimination of chemicals 100% 100%


The Urbinati Super Seedling line is producing black peat plugs for outdoor vegetable young plants. The output is 700 trays per hour. The complete automatic line mixes the soil in the right weigth and humidity levels with state-of-the-art technology. The peat is mixed with water on the basis of exact weight control. The crates are passing throught an automatic seeder and then covered with vermiculite.

Growing in plugs is the best way to reduce space for plant growth and to make the young plants mechanically and automatically transplantable. 


Covergreen is an innovative nursery from Emst, who chose for an Urbinati young plant transplanting line. The transplanting line works with wireless grippers, based on blue-tooth technology. This transplanting systems is maintenance free. The systems transplants in a very flexible way. Young plants from all different suppliers and different trays are transplanted into the Covergreen tray. The transplanting line is supplied with substrate by a vertical Urbinati bale-breaker and a trayfilling system. The bale-breaker fertilises the substrate as well. The bale-breaker is completely closed and is very safe for personel. The closed system does not make any dust. The substrate’s volume is recovered without milling the peat. The substrate’s structure is kept in tact. 

The Covergreen trays are filled with excellent ground covers, which cover open spaces completely. Gardens are instantly covered with plants and leave no space for weeds. This product is a tremendous cost-saving innovation for communities and landscapers.

The Results are Amazing

  • Maintenance Free 100% 100%

The Results are Amazing

  • Effiency 100% 100%


The Hortimec microgreens seeding line is a fully automised seeding line. Cellulose sheets are automatically set into punnets. The punnets are gathered in blocks of 20 punnets which are automatically sown by an Urbinati Lambda seeding machine, which runs with three multi-seed drums simultaneously. Finally the punnets are automatically set on aluminium table containers in the greenhouse. The capacity is 4.000 punnets per hour. Each punnet contains 250 seeds.
The microgreens seeding line places the seeds in equal distance from each other to ensure equal growth of every seedling and to ensure efficient use of seeds.


The Globeplant precision seeding line is the most versatile and flexible seeding line. The line seeds in rockwool plugs or in glue plugs, but it produces its own pressed plugs as well. The seeding line has a special peat press to compress the plug evenly into the tray cells.
The seeding unit works with a double seeding drum for extra seeding capacity. The line was tailor-made to Globeplants requirements, including the company colour orange.
For Globeplant the line gives freedom of choice regarding the type of growing media, such as rock wool plugs, glue plugs or pressed tray plugs.


The Results are Amazing

  • Effiency 100% 100%


The Template Pot Filler fills up to 720 trays with pots per hour. Not a single crumb is dropped between the pots. This machine ensure a perfect homogeneous filling of the pot. Templates are easily exchangeable. The filling density is adjustable.

Precision seeding

Fully automatic potting line Lankhaar Bleiswijk

More about the machines



Together with the reliable Ellepot machines and equipment we can ensure a customized and flexible setup and a sustainable production. 



Together with Urbinati we specialize in the design and production of modular systems for the automation of production processes inside plant nurseries. An example can be found in the video of the transplanter for difficult perennial plants or the big bale scraper.

By collaborating with Urbinati and/ or Ellepot, Hortimec is able to to meet individual customer’s requirements and deliver the best machinary for increasing young plant propagation.

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