The Hortimec microgreens seeding line is a fully automised seeding line. Cellulose sheets are automatically set into punnets. The punnets are gathered in blocks of 20 punnets which are automatically sown by an Urbinati Lambda seeding machine, which runs with three multi-seed drums simultaneously. Finally the punnets are automatically set on aluminium table containers in the greenhouse. The capacity is 4.000 punnets per hour. Each punnet contains 250 seeds.

Covergreen is an innovative nursery from Emst, who chose for an Urbinati young plant transplanting line. The transplanting line works with wireless grippers, based on blue-tooth technology. This transplanting systems is maintenance free. The systems transplants in a very flexible way. Young plants from all different suppliers and different trays are transplanted into the Covergreen tray. The transplanting line is supplied with substrate by a vertical Urbinati bale-breaker and a trayfilling system. The bale-breaker fertilises the substrate as well. The bale-breaker is completely closed and is very safe for personel. The closed system does not make any dust. The substrate’s volume is recovered without milling the peat. The substrate’s structure is kept in tact.
The Covergreen trays are filled with excellent ground covers, which cover open spaces completely. Gardens are instantly covered with plants and leave no space for weeds. This product is a tremendous cost-saving innovation for communities and landscapers.

The Urbinati tray washing installation rinses the trays or crates with high water pressure ranging from 3 to 10 bar. After rinsing, the trays are dried with a ventilator. There are twelve 40 Watt UVC-lamps to desinfect the trays. No polluting chemicals are needed. This technology has proven to be effective against virus, fungi and bacteria.

Young cabbage plants are treated daily with a short dose of UVC-light (Cleanlight) to prevent and treat fungi. In the movie you will see cabbage varieties, which are treated with UVC-light, which is mounted on a moving Urbinati irrigation boom. Fungi and bacteria are effectively treated and no chemical treatment is required in this 100% bio-greenhouse. The plants develop a protective layer of wax on the leaves and become more resistant to pathogens. Growing under glass or plastic the young plants are UV-deficient and the light treatment also helps to compensate this spectrum deficiency.

Hortimec specialises in techniques which promote faster and more efficient growth of young plants aiming to increase the world’s food production and to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and plastics.

The new Urbinati destacker clamps the pots or trays on the edges and makes the descending movement completely pneumatic. The clamps and pneumatic movement destacks any pot and any difficult tray.

The Globeplant precision seeding line is the latest state-of-the-art technology from Urbinati. The line seeds in rockwool plugs or in glue pots, but it produces its own pressed plugs as well. The seeding line has a special peat press to compress the plug evenly into the tray cells.
The seeding unit works with a double seeding drum for extra seeding capacity. The line was tailor-made to Globeplants requirements.

A 3-D robot was integrated into a perenniel young plant transplanting line.The Urbinati transplanting line transplants from any tray into P7 or p8 pots. The pots are automatically set into crates by 3-D robot.



The Urbinati MC1125 substrate mixer is used to fluff up cellulose lumps. The cellulose is a 100% natural substrate for microgreens.