Why Choose Machines From Urbinati Or Ellepot?

One of the most crucial and important steps within the production process in the horticulture industry is without a doubt the seeding step. While this used to be done by hand, more often than not this has been automated with machinery.

But not every seeding machine is perfect. That is why we at Hortimec want to bring you the best experience in seeding machines when it comes to efficiency, reliability and ease of use.
In order to achieve this we offer two different brands that both excel when it comes to a seeding machine. Ofcourse we are talking about Ellepot and Urbinati.

Why do we offer these brands?

We offer a seeding machine from both Urbinati and Ellepot, because we truly believe these are the best on the market. Which one is better for you all depends on your specific needs an situation.

The Ellepot seeding machine offers an unprecedented accuracy of 97-100%. This means that almost every seed is perfectly placed within it’s pod and even on the off chance it’s off, the margin is just a few millimeters.

Whilst Urbinati also offers an accuracy to boast about, it’s true strength lies in the different types of seeding machines offered. Whether you are looking for a row seeding machine or a drum seeding machine, Urbinati has you covered. One of the main reasons people choose a Urbinati machine is for its high throughput. Placed in a full production line one could easily seed up to 1800 trays every hour with the right setup.

Who are we?

Simply put, we are Hortimec. We are a dutch based horticulture company with almost 20 years experience in the industry. In this time we have learned a lot. Not only when it comes to the best available machinery, but also when it comes to usability. So not only can we offer the best seeding machine available, we can also help you figure out what works with your current setup.
We are the official dealer of Ellepot and Urbinati. We are this because we truly believe that a seeding machine from these brands can make the difference between a good company and a stellar enterprise.

Why choose a seeding machine from Hortimec?

Not only do we believe that we offer the best quality available today, we also want to double down on the whole durability claim. So if ever there is a problem with one of these machines you can contact us and our network of specialised technicians. We’ll get you up and working again in the shortest amount of time possible to ensure your continuity in the production process.